Faith is about seeing the unseen.

But what if you can’t.

People say all it takes is Faith the size of a mustard seed.

What if you only have Faith the size of a grain of sand?

Can you still believe in the unseen?


The Apple Tree

In the meadow of the apple tree is where I find the peace that is being longed for

I hear the wind as it blows through the leaves. The wind is calming & whispers to me

I see the colors of the apples in the wind. They bounce in the air, as a ball bounces on the ground

The meadow is a resting place away from the hustle of the outside world

Quite is here….Peace is here

In the meadow of the apple tree is where I will be.


A Little Talk

I had a little talk with God

He has to hear me

I cry out every night

I know he hears me

I can’t beg him

I was taught better than that

But oh how I want to

So if he answered me before

I know he will do the same now

He knows my heart

He knows my plea

He knows what I need at this point

He has never failed me yet


A Dream

It’s still blows my mind that I can still hear your voice

I still turn around to see if it is you

I still don’t understand how I can smell you in a crowd

Yet, I still look for you no matter where I am

I still get taken back, because I can still feel your touch

I still close my eyes to take it all in

I always wonder if my thoughts are true

That you are right next to me

I want it to be true that you never left me

That you are still guiding me through life

I know it’s a dream

I know it’s my imagination

I know that you can be all of those things

That I feel it when I need you the most

I would just give anything to hear your voice one more time

Or to have you hug me in a way only you could

I will keep this dream, because I need you close every second of everyday

I know one thing is true

The love I have for you is beyond unconditional

I miss you more every day

And the void never stops growing

I will see you again one day

And all of my dreams will come true

Until that day I will keep my dream alive


Christmas 2018

I was wondering what this Christmas would feel like

Since all three of you are gone

I still play memoirs in my mind like a movie reel

I can’t decided if I should be happy, jealous or angry

Except I have all 3 at once

Happy that you are finally free of the pain

Jealous that the three of you are together

Angry that you left me down here to figure it all out

But, I look around me and see all the blessings that I have

The real love I have found

New family that welcomed me with open arms

An old family that stepped up to fulfill their role

Friends that go beyond the call of duty

I may still have lots of question left

However, one day I know answers will come

Until that happens, I do know that I will miss and love you everyday

Nothing will ever change that


Eleven Years

It’s been eleven years since you left this world

I can’t say it hurts any less today than it did that day

So much has changed in that time

I still pick up my phone to call you

I still wonder if you would be proud of me

There are days that I can’t breath because I miss you so much

There are days that I catch myself laughing at your sayings

It’s not true that time heals all wounds

My heart still aches

I will always love you that I know will never change



I am missing you today more than normal

I am thinking of all the memories you left me with

Life is not the same since you are gone

I can’t get use to the fact that you left me here

I have this void and I try to fill it, yet nothing does

Time does not fix the pain, nor heal the hurt


Some Days

Some days will be harder than others.

Some days will fly by and others will crawl by.

Some days I will wonder how I can make it.

Some days I will feel your strength and it will push me through.

But, all my days I will love you and miss you.


Unconditional Love

When I look in your eyes I get lost

You make me forget the word around me

Your smile carries me far away from the troubles I face

Your touch makes me feel brand new

I have dreamed about someone loving me, caring for me without any agenda

You have taken a dream and made it a reality

What did I do to deserve a love so true, so pure, so totally unconditional